Food Safety

Food safety is our number one priority. NuChoice Foods production facility is a USDA / FDA inspected facility. Our facility follows strict guidelines of food safety and sanitation procedures which is reflected in our Standard Operating Procedures, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Program (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices ensuring products are safe and wholesome.

Food Safety

Sales and Distribution

NuChoice Foods distributes “Grab & Go” products to the following channels - grocery, convenience, vending, airlines, schools, correctional, and retail in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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Competitive Edge

Establishing a competitive edge, means gaining an edge on the competition. NuChoice Foods understands that our customers need to differentiate themselves from the competition. We work with each of our customers to develop a plan to distinguish your products above the rest -

  • Pricing - competitive
  • Quality - high-quality, wholesome, nutritious products
  • Trust – customer satisfaction at all levels
  • Value - always deliver more than expected
  • Safety – most important ingredient
  • Branding /Marketing - accentuate
  • Products – forever evolving
  • Reliability – always deliver
  • Customer Support – number one priority
Competitive Edge