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October 2019 Marketing Update

And just like that, summer fell into Fall. Fall brings vivid autumn colors, falling leaves, comfort foods and pumpkin spice everything. There is no better time to try Aphrodite Divine Confections which is now available at “DOT Foods Express.” Aphrodite is a gourmet cookie company that brings you a cookie, bar and toga that ranks superior to anything that you have ever tasted. All products are trans-fat free and have no additives or preservatives and best of all, fall within your budget. So, this Fall let’s spice up your menus with our renowned pumpkin puff, cranberry walnut, cranberry white chocolate cookies or cranberry orange squeeze bake batter. “Proof is in the Pudding.” Contact a member of our team for more information or schedule a presentation.

Rasberry white chocolate cookie

September 2019 Marketing Update

Labor Day brings the close of summer for most and cooler weather is on its way with the start of fall. The Boys of Summer start their playoff bid and football season is upon us, so don’t forget to give your menu some “Pop” with Coach Joe’s Tailgate Special.

This month also brings National Grain Month as we celebrate the delicious taste of grains that has been captivating American hearts for over 300 years. We offer a variety of gourmet rice products that are perfect for any occasion. Our rice products are made with premium grains with the finest ingredients and have easy to prepare instructions by adding water and cooking by stovetop, oven, or steamer. Contact a member of our team today to find out more about our fragrant aromatic Basmati and Jasmine Rice to our Chef-Crafted Blends - Wild Rice Pilaf, Jambalaya Rice, Primavera Rice, Yellow Rice with Black Beans, Spanish Rice, and many more!

Nation Grain Month

August 2019 Marketing Update

Ready, Set, Hut…Hut! As the dog days of summer are coming to a close, the start of football season is upon us. This month we are highlighting Coach Joe’s Tailgate Special. Coach Joe’s Tailgate Special can spice up any menu that provides healthy, robust flavors, consistency, and easy to prepare products. From the smoked meats, waffle stackers, seafood options to the amazing side dishes, as Coach would say – “Take a bite and get your mind right.” Contact a member of our team today for information on Coach Joe’s Tailgate Special and his incredible product line.

July 2019 Marketing Update

Happy Birthday USA! Summer has finally arrived and with it comes plenty of sunshine. With the heat rising, don’t forget to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We invite you to try our Fit & Delicious Mango, Blueberry Raspberry, or Kiwi Strawberry Flavor Enhanced Waters. Not only will these waters provide hydration, they are also an excellent source of essential B Vitamins and Vitamin C with zero calories. As with all our dispensing products, we provide our operators with dependable state-of-the-art machines with impeccable 24/7 customer and maintenance services. So, what are you waiting for….contact a member of our team today to get more information on our Fit & Delicious product line as well as American made premium juices.

June 2019 Marketing Update

It’s hard to believe that summer is here and we are almost halfway through the year. We are excited to announce our newest partnership with Coach Joe’s. Coach Joe’s is a unique story of a man that spent 27 years of his life mentoring and coaching young athletes to finding his entrepreneur spirit in creating a food product line that has become a huge success. Coach Joe’s passion for creating clean label products that are unique and full of flavor has created a demand across the country. From the Home & Shopping Network (HSN) to Retail, C-stores, Stadiums, Military, and Foodservice Operations, you will find many of Coach Joe’s products. “Proof is in the pudding.” We invite you to try some of these great products for your Grab & Go or Foodservice Operations. For more information, contact info@coachjoesmarket.com

May 2019 Marketing Update

April showers brings in May flowers along with festive events such as Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. We also observe a federal holiday, Memorial Day as we honor those that have served and pay tribute to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

If you are looking for something healthy that is sweet or savory, look no further. NuChoice Foods is excited to announce our newest partnership…Savory Secrets. Savory Secrets produces healthy baked goods such as Angel Food Cake, Muffins, Quiche, and much more. Savory Secret’s products have a gourmet taste and look that is packed with nutritional value for the active healthy lifestyle. Contact us today for more information on how these great products can improve or enhance your menus.

April 2019 Marketing Update

As Spring is in full bloom and Easter on the way, it’s also a good time to evaluate your menus. NuChoice Foods offers a variety of lines that can improve, standardize, or add variety to your menus. Check us out on www.nuchoicefoods.com.

This month NuChoice Foods is excited to announce our newest principle Crabworks. Crabworks is a Division of the Crabtree Group that provides high quality fish and seafood products. Their product line consists of raw and breaded catfish fillets; raw and breaded shrimp; salmon, cod, and pollack fillets; scallops; lobster tails; crab legs; and crab cakes. The company has been a proud supporter of the military since 2003 and their production facilities maintain the highest standards and quality certifications in the industry. Visit www.crabworksfoods.com to find out more information on their extensive product line and unmatched customer service.

March 2019 Marketing Update

Good-Bye Winter and Hello Spring! March is also National Nutrition Month, as we recognize the importance of making informed food choices and developing good eating habits.

This month we are very excited to welcome our new principle Florida’s Natural. Florida’s Natural isn’t just another orange juice company but provides a product line that is full of flavor options. The company offers a variety of 100% juices that are fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D, flavored juice drinks, flavored water, unsweetened tea, and lemonade. Florida’s Natural supports its product lineup with equipment and exceptional nationwide service programs that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today to discuss Florida’s Natural Product Line which provides superior taste, quality, capability, pricing, and customer service.

February 2019 Marketing Update

The 2nd month of 2019 has come in fast and furious. Let’s not forget that February is a special month as we recognize Black History Month and the contributions and achievements African Americans have made to our country.

NuChoice Foods is very excited to welcome Alphonzo “Rick” Byrd to our team. Rick is starting a new chapter in his life as the VP, Business Development and his 47 years of working in the government and private sector brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. Check out Rick’s bio on our Executive Team Page.

This month we are highlighting Aphrodite Divine Confections. Aphrodite isn’t just another gourmet cookie company, but brings you a cookie, toga, and dessert bar that ranks superior to anything that you have tasted. Products are trans-fat free and contain no additives or preservatives and works within your budget. We invite you try out one for yourself. Visit www.aphroditedesserts.com to find out more!

January 2019 Marketing Update

This month we are highlighting our Gourmet Rice Products

Our gourmet rice products are perfect for any occasion made with premium rice and the finest of ingredients with no MSG, preservatives, or additives. Quick and easy preparation instructions by adding water and cooking by stovetop, oven, or steamer. Let’s spice up your menu today! Please contact NuChoice Foods for additional information.

  • Cajun Jambalaya
  • Dirty Rice
  • Primavera Rice
  • Long-grain Wild Rice Pilaf
  • 5 Grain Rice Medley
  • Yellow Rice
  • Yellow Rice w/ Black Beans
  • Brown Rice w/ Red Beans
  • Long-grain Parboiled Brown Rice
  • Long-grain Parboiled White Rice
  • Basmati Rice
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Spanish Rice