Military Food Service Broker

NuChoice Foods Sales & Marketing Division specializes in the military channel and is strategically focused with a limited number of manufacturing partners. Our strong heritage and over 200 years of combined food and sales experience enables our team to meet the challenges and drive sales goals. Grow your business today with a proven winning team!

Why NuChoice Foods



We partner with clients that are Quality First – Customer Driven. We will work tirelessly to penetrate and grow your market share in the military channel with the execution and customer service that you deserve.

Sysco or US Foods


We work closely with our distributor partners to ensure the supply chain is managed successfully and products are marketed to provide support and meet initiatives.



We build and maintain invaluable relationships with our customers by understanding your operations. Whatever your requirement, our team will source or create products to meet your requirements.

NuChoice Foods Advantage


NuChoice Foods provides you with the excellence you are looking for. Our team which has worked in the private and government sector at various senior level positions can communicate, motivate, problem solve and provide you with technical and professional expertise that is surpassed by none.


Personalized Service

NuChoice Foods provides uncompromising personalized services for its clients and customers. From the top down throughout our organization, we create a culture that is committed to "Customer First." Our team places high value on our relationships and you can be rest assured you will have a customer experience that is built on respect, caring, integrity, commitment, trust, and accountability.

Personalized Service


NuChoice Foods Team Members are experts in the industry providing sales planning, marketing strategies, sales execution, product training with continuous customer service which ensures successful product to plate execution. Our comprehensive approach and ability to target customer needs and match requirements to our client's product or product lines, ultimately leads to customer and client success.


Customer & Distributor Relations

NuChoice Foods is continuously building and maintaining invaluable relationships with distributors and customers. This is accomplished through our commitment to meet or exceed expectations in sales, service and support; creating a relationship of trust and confidence.

Customer and Distributor Relations


NuChoice Foods delivers. Our team of highly qualified motivated individuals working as one team to achieve or exceed our clients' objectives is what sets us apart from the competition. We are always evaluating our performance and working on new ideas to improve our team which benefits our company and the clients we represent.


NuChoice Foods Sales & Marketing Strategy

  • Deliver on our strength as an independent broker team focused on a select number of manufacturing partners

  • Tailored custom marketing strategies to the market it serves

  • Create “speed to market” initiatives and the results
    aligned to our clients’ growth objectives

  • Customer relationship building predicated on the highest level
    of integrity and professionalism

Make the Choice with NuChoice Foods, just like these Satisfied Clients!